Impact the world around you. Become a GameChanger!


You want to make it count in this world. You want to change things and make an impact. You are a person who wants to turn a great idea into a successful product,  make yourself a game changer. We know it’s a struggle to turn an idea into a product. It’s even harder to turn a product into a business. You might feel you don’t have a full enough picture how to get new things done and how to make better choices to win. You might even not know where exactly to begin. It’s hard to get your colleagues to change how they think and act to get things done. You have read “the books and the blogs” – perhaps been in a hackathon or organized one in your company, but it’s still “not happening”. Thus, you and the “innovation program” you’re part of produce no tangible results. On-top of this, the world out there is spinning at an ever increasing speed – technology changes exponentially but you as human being, you are built as linear bio-robot :) That’s where we come in. We have been in your shoes. We will share practical war-stories, hopefully some inspiration, the mindset how to get things done and the tools we believe are the best to make a change happen. We’re the Gamechangers. Join us and make yourself a game changer!

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Gamechangers is About Enabling You

We are into this together and we help you not to reinvent the wheel on your own. Thus this is not a weekend program. Mixing up the brightest minds of the University of Tartu with the people who have been there, GameChangers will give you the right mindset, the right tools and skills, and the right team to make innovation happen.

Here’s what you will go through in this program

  • GameChanger Mindset reinvent yourself & your company.
  • Design Thinking how to kill your darlings (the “best” ideas).
  • Builders Days Don’t polish the rocket, just build to ship.
  • Product is not a business, so lets work out where is the money at.
  • A foosball table and a hoodie isn’t a startup cultureaka how to lead people & manage the product.
  • Designing your 100 day action plan for when you’re back at your work cubicle or at the plain desk at a coworking space.

After the program we’ll still be there for you

  • Follow ups we’ll meet with the course once a month – is your thing still alive? How can we help?
  • 100 days later: The day for your war stories.

Who are we expecting to the program

  • Companies willing to change and willing to commit to the change.
  • Designers, Developers and Product owners/managers wanting to shape their abilities to make things happen.
  • Scientists – be it an physicist, anthropologist or a psychologist burning(!) to turn their ideas into services or products.
  • Brightest students who want to be future GameChangers and are willing to go the extra mile.


Who’ll be teaching

Schedule and topics 2018/19

Sept 27-28
Gamechanger Mindset
Reinvent yourself & your company
Oct 25-26
Design Thinking
How to kill your darlings (the "best" ideas)
Nov 22-23
Builders Days
Don't polish the rocket, just build to ship
Dec 13-14
Product is not a business
Lets work out where is the money at
Jan 17-18
100 day action plan
Designing your 100 day action plan for when you're back at your work cubicle
2x follow up
Is your thing still alive? How can we help?
May 17
100 days later
The day for your war stories (UT Delta conference)